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Why Does Website Speed Optimization matters to SEO?

Website speed test refers to how quickly a page loads on your website. The quicker it loads the better. The slower it loads, the more likely you will have people who click away from your website to find another source for the same information you provide. Images, code, and even your host can affect your page speed. Therefore it’s important to get website speed optimization on a regular basis to keep an edge over competitors.

If your site is slow, you’re missing out on conversions, and you’re likely hurting your search engine rank. No matter how expertise you’re in keeping the website on top of Google search results, a website performance test is an important criterion of Search engine optimization without which your website will not withstand against competitors for a long time. 

Many people have a question in their mind regarding website speed test such as:

  • How to improve website loading speed?
  • How to increase website speed?
  • Why webpage speed matters in SEO?

What can be the reasons for lower webpage speed?

  • Your hosting server
  • Large images
  • Embedded Media from external sources
  • Too many flashy ads on the webpage
  • Pop-ups covering the landing page
  • Website Theme
  • Widgets
  • Double-barrel code 

Page Speed Matters a lot in SEO and Internet Marketing

Website loading time is something that matters a lot in internet marketing and SEO. All your efforts of doing on-page and of-page SEO turns worthless if page speed is not optimized, there’s no chance you will be able to control the bounce rate as it keeps going high as people start leaving your website and go to other competitors offering the same services.

Google never consider your webpage on top of the search results until your website loading speed is up to the mark. In case it happens, things won’t last permanently and the website will get flagged soon due to bounce rate and negative impression of customers who access the website to avail services. People; who have queries like “how to decrease the load time of website” have to implement certain strategies to enhance the web page speed to retain customers for a longer time period.

WordPress Speed Optimization is something that proves fruitful.

As if your website is developed on a dynamic platform, then it’s quite essential to go through the wordpress speed optimization to make sure that loading time of a webpage is up to the mark. People generally have a query “how to speed up the wordpress site”. As many do not have knowledge about it, it’s recommended to get it done with the help of digital marketing companies in New York where the experts have expertise and proficiency in adopting all strategies that keep the wordpress speed optimization up to the mark. 

How to decrease the load time of the website?

Here are certain tips that can help you know “how to decrease the load time of the website” as well as help in improving the page speed.

Optimize Images: Pay thoughtfulness regarding picture size, pressure, and arrangement for each picture on your site. WordPress modules make it simple to deal with this kind of thing consequently each time you transfer another picture to your site. 

Minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript: Without the code, your site won’t work. Be that as it may, minifying the code packs the document size, so regardless you get the usefulness you need without an enlarged record size. 

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): A CDN stores duplicates of your site on servers over the globe, and pulls the duplicate from the server nearest to the client to speed burden time. 

Use Browser Caching: This enables PCs to store explicit documents used to see your site with the goal that when a client restores, a portion of the information is as of now there. Browser Caching spares time in light of the fact that the PC doesn’t need to download them once more, and improves page burden speed.

How Poor Load Speed Affects Your Bottom Line

Studies demonstrate that almost 50% of clients anticipate that a site should stack in two seconds or less, Most of the customers who experience issues with a site say they won’t return to the site to attempt to make a buy again later. About portion of those customers states, they would impart their experience to a companion. 

Research from Akamai demonstrates a two-second deferral in page burden time can expand your ricochet rate by over 100%. You’re losing a huge amount of guests, which means those individuals aren’t purchasing your items or clicking your promotions. It means that website speed optimization is vital to control the load time of the website to a huge extent.

A one-second postponement in page reaction could cost you 7% in changes. That doesn’t seem like much, yet in the event that your web-based business webpage is making $100,000 per day, that one-second page postponement could cost you $2.5 million in deals each year.

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